plantgel has many different uses.  Its primary use is as a soil alternative, however, you can also mix Plant Gel with soil in your flower beds, vegetable gardens and lawns.  This will promote water retention in the soil around the root base of your plants or lawn.  For this use we carry a 10 Gallon Bottle outdoor variety (approximately 1/2 pound of the crystal).  You can also use Plant Gel for burning candles.

  The most popular way to use Plant Gel is to plant your indoor plants right into the gel itself without soil.  Really, plants don't need soil to live and grow.  All plants need are water, air, and nutrients.  Plant Gel provides plenty of water, is more airy than soil, and by adding a plant food to the water, your plant is set!  Your plants will have water, air, and nutrients available to the root system at all times.  The effect is similar to soaking the roots in standing water.  However, all of the water is inside the gel, which eliminates the mold, mildew, and root rot problems you have with standing water.  Your plants will teach themselves how to drink from the gel, then thrive! 

plantgel is both extremely healthy for your plants and very elegant for your home. Plant Gel can be made in a variety of colors, so you can use one that best accents the color scheme of your home.  Just imagine sitting there with a beautiful flower growing in Plant Gel.  Your living space will look undeniably marvelous.

  The indoor variety also comes in a 10 gallon bottle for those people that need a larger quantity.  The indoor variety is larger pieces of Plant Gel to add stability and support to your indoor plants.  Outdoor plants have soil for stability and support.  For indoor plants you can use the Plant Gel alone, with no soil.

  These pictures show the difference between the "Indoor" and "Outdoor" variety.



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NOTE: Photographed colored red for better viewing.  Plant Gel's natural color is clear, but can be changed to any color.

  For candles, Plant Gel is excellent to use due to the fact that when the wax touches the gel it will solidify, or harden again, which means no more dripping wax all over your container, holder or the floor!!!  When the candle has burned out, simply remove the remaining shell of wax, pop a new candle into the gel, and you're ready to go again!  Its truly Amazing Plant Gel.

  We offer a complete kit to get you started called the Starter Kit The Starter Kit comes with everything that you need to create beautiful flower and plant displays out of your plants, or put your candles in.  Add life to a plain room easily, and have fun doing it! 

    We also carry a  Deluxe Kit that includes some additional items to assist you with your creative decorations. This kit makes a great Gift Package that includes everything needed for that special person to get started.  It comes gift wrapped, and we will also supply a card if you like.


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