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What is Plant Gel?

Plant Gel is a type of polymer that holds water and nutrients around the root base of your plants and slowly time releases them to the root system of the plant.



Is Plant Gel new?

No, this polymer was developed over 35 years ago to grow plants, trees and grass in the desert.  Our Forestry Service has been using it ever since.  They just forgot to tell us about it.



What is Plant Gel used for?

Plant Gel is used as a soil additive or a soil replacement to hold water, air and nutrients around the roots of your plants so they don't dry out so fast.  This keeps your plants healthier and more vibrant.  Plant Gel has other uses also such as candles and neck coolers.



Do plants really grow in the Plant Gel without soil?

Yes!!  Plants live and thrive in Plant Gel because they have water, nutrients and air around the root base at all times.



Is Plant Gel only used for indoor plants?

No, Plant Gel was originally developed for use in soil as a water-retaining additive.



What are some ways to use Plant Gel with soil?

You can mix Plant Gel with soil for any application.  From planter boxes to tilling into the ground for grass and gardens.  Vegetables grow very well with Plant Gel also.  You can add Plant Gel to the soil before you plant by simply mixing it in.  If you have plants that are already in the ground or pots and you do not want to transplant them, just poke 5 to 6 holes around the stem and put dry crystals in the holes.  Cover the holes with soil and water heavy the first time.  The Plant Gel will expand in the holes and aerate the soil, giving your plants water, air and nutrients for better health and vibrancy.



Can I use Plant Gel without soil?

Yes!!  Plant Gel will keep your plants vibrant and healthy because they have everything they need to thrive.  Plus, you can use colors for decoration and make nice displays.



If I use Plant Gel by itself, how do I get the colors?

The kits have four colors included.  From these colors, you can mix many colors.



Do I have to use a clear container?

No!! You can use any container.  The reason to use clear containers is that you can color the Plant Gel and make beautiful displays to liven up any room.  Glass containers are recommended for use with candles.



Do I need drainage holes for indoor plants?

No!!  Plant Gel will absorb the water that you use to water your plants.



How often do I have to water my plants?

For plants that are in Plant Gel without soil, you will need to water about once a month on average.  For plants in soil, you will more than double the usual time in between watering.



How do I know when and how much to water?

As your plants drink the water from the Plant Gel, the level of the Plant Gel will slowly go down.  When it goes down about 1 to 2 inches, you will need to water.  Just fill the container to the level your Plant Gel started.  For plants in soil, you will need to check the soil.



Will Cuttings take off in the Plant Gel?

Yes, Plant Gel makes an excellent medium to start cuttings.  Many nurseries root cuttings in Plant Gel.



Can I start seeds or bulbs in Plant Gel?

Yes, seeds will root in Plant Gel without you worrying about "sour water" from using plain water.



How long will Plant Gel last?

Plant gel has a shelf life of 7 to 10 years before it is hydrated.  It has a life span of 5 to 7 years once you hydrate it into a gel.



Will Plant Gel hurt my kids or pets if they eat it?

NO!!  Plant Gel is 100% non-toxic and Biodegradable.  In fact, we have some youth groups that use Plant Gel in outdoor activities.  Also, some schools use Plant Gel in projects.




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